• Homeschool Umbrella Program Opportunities for Homeschool Students at CBCA


    Calvary Baptist Church Academy (CBCA) is registered with the state of Maryland to oversee home instruction and verify compliance with the county. Our primary responsibility as an "umbrella" program is to verify that homeschool parents registered with us are providing regular, thorough instruction to their children according to COMAR 13A.10.01. Registration with CBCA Homeschool Umbrella allows students access to individual classes, field trips, sports, and fine arts opportunities.

    Mission Statement

    The mission and purpose of the Calvary Baptist Church Academy Homeschool Umbrella Program is to assist parents who have chosen homeschooling as an alternative to public, private or Christian school education. We will assist parents by:

    • Helping parents to comply with state regulations regarding homeschooling
    • Offering support with respect to choosing curriculum, managing their child's portfolio, assessment, and overall progress
    • Providing additional services, classes and opportunities

    Services and Fees (per child or per class) - 2021-2022

    • Registration Fee


    • IOWA Achievement Testing (K5-10th grades, Spring 2022)


    • SAT Testing (11th grade only – Spring 2022)


    • Diploma and Graduation Participation


    • Traditional Middle/High School Academic Classes                                                                                    (Math, English, Science, Bible, History, Language)

    $600/subject plus required books

    • Fine Arts Classes – Grades K5-8 (Art, Band, Choir, Drama, Music, & Speech as offered)


    • Fine Arts Classes – Grades 9-12 (Art, Band, Choir, Drama, Music, & Speech as offered)


    • Sports Teams  (Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, & Volleyball as offered)


    • Field Trips

    Cost of admission

    • School Events

    Cost of event

    • Physical Education Participation (K5-12th grades)

    Included with registration

    • Transcript and Record Keeping

    Included with registration

    • Fine Arts Competitions (excludes Academic Testing)

    Included with registration

    • Fine Arts Competitions Academic Testing

    Cost of Test

    Note: Not all fine arts classes or sports may be offered each year.


    Enrollment Procedure

    Note: The registration deadline for the 2020-2021 school year is September 23.

    Parents enroll by bringing the completed registration form and the appropriate fee to a pre-enrollment conference. The conference allows us to meet you, explain the process, and answer your questions. Parents must notify their county school superintendent via a "Home School Notification" form when they join the umbrella group. A CBCA staff member or representative will meet with parents semi-annually in January and June to review student progress. To facilitate an accurate evaluation, parents must maintain a portfolio for each child which demonstrates clear evidence of instruction. A curriculum list, reading list, and monthly samples of student work for each subject should be included. Work should be clearly labeled with name, date and subject. Parents must contact the office to schedule portfolio reviews in January and June.

    Support Services Assistance

    As a member of the CBCA Homeschool family, parents are entitled to 2 teacher help sessions per semester. These consultations are optional opportunities for parents to receive assistance from experienced teachers at the academy. Parents may schedule phone or personal conferences.


    Students may take the Iowa Achievement Test in the fall and/or spring with the full-time students. Additional fees apply.

    Opportunities for Umbrella Students in Grades 6 -12

    • Courses - Students in grades 6 - 12 may register for 2 academic courses (Bible, English, math, science, history, etc.) per semester at a per class charge as listed in the fee schedule. Books for each course are required at an additional fee. Fine arts classes in band, choir, art, speech, and drama may also be available.
    • Sports - Students in grades 6 - 12 are eligible to try out for our sports teams. CBCA participates in an interscholastic sports program (MACSAC). Typically, we offer boys' soccer and girls' volleyball in the fall; boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and girls' cheerleading in the winter; and boys' baseball and girls' soccer in the spring. Practices and games are scheduled after school on most Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Each sport features a state tournament as well. All students must obtain a physical before beginning practice and must abide by CBCA dress and behavioral standards at all functions.

    Opportunities for Umbrella Students in Grades 1 -12

    • Fine Arts - CBCA participates in the Maryland Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Competitions in the spring each year. Winners at the secondary state level can earn the opportunity to compete at the national level at Bob Jones University. These competitions offer students the opportunity to refine their music, speech, art, preaching, Bible teaching and academic skills.
    • Field Trips - Individual academy classes schedule field trips periodically throughout the year. Parents who wish to include their homeschool students in the field trips must submit a signed permission slip and appropriate trip fee in advance to reserve a spot. Parents of elementary students must attend the trip as a chaperone. Students must abide by CBCA dress code and behavioral policies at all times.

    Other Services

    • Transcript and Record Keeping - CBCA will maintain records based on parent submissions at the portfolio reviews. High school courses for which credit has been granted will be recorded on a transcript.
    • Diploma and Graduation Ceremony Participation - Students who have earned sufficient credits may participate in the academy graduation ceremony at the end of May. Transcript review is subject to administrative approval.

    Other Information

    • We highly encourage our homeschooling families to join HSLDA, a Christian legal defense association. For $12/month, families have access to legal representation for homeschooling issues.

    Contact Us

    For more information, please contact us at:

    • Calvary Baptist Church Academy, 407 Marley Station Road, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
    • 410.768.5324
    • homeschool@cbcaknights.org



    The registration deadline for the 2021-2022 School Year is September 30, 2021.

    Homeschool Umbrella Registration Form (fillable PDF to email)

    Homeschool Umbrella Registration Form (printable PDF)

    AA County Homeschool Notification Form (Available starting 7/21)

    Sports Physical Form 2020-2021